Impact of CEDAC's and CIF's Early Stage Financing (FY23)

CEDAC approached our work in 2023 with a continued focus on achieving lasting impact within the communities and constituencies we serve. We are pleased to present our FY23 lending data that demonstrates CEDAC's robust community development activities in a wide variety of projects across the Commonwealth. CEDAC early-stage project financing along with technical assistance supported 51 projects with 2,091 housing units in FY23. CIF project financing along with technical assistance supported an additional housing project with 39 units and six child care facility improvement projects.

Impact of CEDAC and CIF's Housing Early Stage Financing (FY23)

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    *includes loan participations

Impact of CIF's Child Care Financing (FY23)

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Full List of Projects Funded with Predevelopment, Acquisition, Bridge, Term, or Grant Financing in FY23

  • Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation
    Hano Homes, Boston
  • Asian Community Development Corporation
    213 Main Street, Malden
    Parcel R-1, Boston
  • B'nai B'rith Housing New England
    1201 River Street, Boston
  • Clinical & Support Options, Inc.
    60 Wells Street, Greenfield
    775 Worthington Street, Springfield
  • Coalition for a Better Acre
    Franco Senior Housing, Lowell
  • Construct, Inc.
    Cassilis Farm, New Marlborough
  • Crispus Attucks Children's Center
    Accessibility Upgrades, Boston
  • Domus Incorporated
    Old Town Apartments, Westfield
  • East Boston Social Centers
    Jeffries Point Playground, Boston
  • Elizabeth Peabody House
    Facility Improvement Project, Somerville
  • Father Bills & MainSpring
    Stoughton Motel Conversion, Stoughton
  • Forest Glen Cooperative Housing Corporation
    Forest Glen Cooperative, Boston
  • Greater Lawrence Community Action Council
    Olde Station Square, Lawrence
  • Greenfield Housing Associates
    The Winslow Redevelopment, Greenfield
  • Harborlight Homes
    Agawam Village, Ipswich
    Anchor Point Phase 2, Beverly
    Catalyst Housing, Lynn
  • Home City Development, Inc.
    275 Chestnut Street, Springfield
    Amethyst Brook, Pelham
    Old Hill Infill Development, Springfield
  • Housing Corporation of Arlington
    10 Sunnyside Avenue, Arlington
    840-846 Massachusetts Avenue and 17 Newman Way, Arlington
  • Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation
    3371-3375 Washington Street, Boston
    Mildred Hailey Apartments Building 2, Boston
    Cheney Homes Apartments, Boston
  • Just-A-Start Corporation
    24 Webster Avenue, Somerville
  • Lawrence CommunityWorks Inc.
    24-30 Summer Street Affordable Housing, Lawrence
  • Madison Park Development Corporation
    639 Warren Street, Boston
  • Metro West Collaborative Development, Inc.
    62 Packard Street, Hudson
  • North Star Family Services
    Journey Home, Leominster
  • Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation
    Consolidation II, Boston
  • OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation
    81 North Bridge Street, Holyoke
  • Paige Academy
    Accessibility Upgrades, Boston
  • Plymouth Area Coalition for Homeless, Inc.
    Plymouth Family Shelter, Plymouth
  • Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc.
    Olympia Square Apartments, Lynn
  • Shawme Heights, Inc.
    Shawme Heights, Sandwich
  • South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation
    McDevitt Senior Homes, Boston
  • Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation
    68 Homes Preservation Project, Boston
  • The Caleb Foundation, Inc.
    Emerson Homes, Topsfield
  • The Community Builders, Inc.
    3 Jerome Smith Road, Provincetown
    Mildred Hailey Building 1A & 1B, Boston
    Wilson's Apartments, Greenfield
    Merrick at the Square, Worcester
  • The Dimock Center
    Elevator Modernization, Boston
  • The Neighborhood Developers
    170 Cottage Street, Chelsea
  • Valley Community Development
    Econo Lodge Redevelopment, Hadley
    Prospect Place, Northampton
    23 Laurel Street, Northampton
    27 Crafts Avenue, Northampton
  • Vietnamese American Initiative for Development
    1392 Dorchester Ave./19-21 Faulkner Street/35 Faulkner Street, Boston
    Hamilton & Mt. Everett Senior Housing, Boston
    Hollins Park, Boston
    Au Co Preschool, Boston
  • Worcester Common Ground
    116 Piedmont Street, Worcester
    WCG Homes, Worcester
  • Worcester Community Housing Resources, Inc.
    Oriol Drive Permanent Housing, Worcester