New 6-Unit Building in Hyde Park

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are very pleased to announce that we have acquired a new supportive housing project, a 6-unit building in Hyde Park. The project was originally developed more than twenty years ago by New Communities Services, a Cambridge-based nonprofit, to provide housing and supportive services to single adults at risk of homelessness. As the new owner, Mainstay will continue to operate the development as a supportive housing project for individuals at risk of homelessness.

This project was undertaken in partnership with the Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC) and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. Roger Herzog, executive director of CEDAC, said “I’d like to thank Mainstay for ensuring the stability of this important project and congratulate them on their incredible work serving vulnerable populations, especially during these unprecedented times. The current public health crisis demonstrates how crucial it is for everyone to have access to a safe, affordable place to live and reaffirms our commitment to supporting the non-profit community development sector across the state. We would also like to thank the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for their longstanding partnership as we continue to work together to produce and preserve permanent supportive housing in the Commonwealth.”

We were thrilled to be asked last year to step in to preserve this Supportive Housing development as its new owner. The City of Boston needs every unit of Supportive Housing it can get in its fight to end homelessness, and safeguarding and preserving these six units helps that cause immensely.

Mainstay is proud to say that we continue to deliver the services and supports, including safe and supportive housing, and person-centered home care, that people need to thrive in their residences and communities.

Thank you for your support.

Larry Oaks and the Mainstay Team