Housing Programs
CEDAC Housing provides financing and expertise to non-profit, community-based developers looking to build or preserve quality affordable housing in Massachusetts.
Children's Investment Fund
Children’s Investment Fund offers non-profit, community-based child care providers the financial resources and technical assistance they need to create high quality learning environments.

For more than 35 years, CEDAC has helped to strengthen communities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by providing non-profit community development organizations with the financial resources they need to build quality affordable housing and child care facilities. Additionally, our staff of professionals help affordable housing developers, child care providers, and workforce development professionals with the technical assistance they need to turn an idea into reality. Our early stage capital and predevelopment loans has led to the production of thousands of affordable housing units from Boston to the Berkshires, and to quality child care centers in urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Welcome to our Website – if you are a non-profit community development organization seeking to produce or preserve affordable housing or a community-based non-profit childcare provider looking to upgrade or renovate your learning space, we may be able to help you. And if you have any questions regarding our loan products or our public policy work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Roger Herzog
CEDAC Executive Director
Chrystal Kornegay
CEDAC Board Chair
“With CEDAC’s help, the Cortes Street properties will remain affordable in perpetuity, giving lower income individuals the opportunity to live in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.”
Mark WinkellerExecutive Director, Caritas Communities
  • Looking To The West: Pleasant Street, Northampton

    This week in INSITES, CEDAC's Executive Director Roger Herzog and Director of Housing for Central and Western Massachusetts Lionel G. Romain, highlight the revitalization of Pleasant Street in Northampton. This effort includes two housing projects that CEDAC has supported - Live 155 and The Lumber Yard Apartments. Read INSITES

  • Did You Know: Home Modification Loan Program Can Benefit Individuals with Autism and Dementia?

    In addition to our work with housing and child care, CEDAC works in cooperation with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to administer the Home Modification Loan Program. The program finances modifications to homes that improve accessibility for seniors and individuals with disabilities, allowing them to live more independently. This week in INSITES, Susan Gillam, Home Modification Loan Program Project Manager, sheds light on a lesser known use of the program - modifications for individuals with cognitive disabilities like autism and dementia. Read INSITES

  • Looking Back at Our Foundation

    Today in INSITES, CEDAC’s founding executive director, Carl Sussman, shares how and why CEDAC was established in a special guest blog. He speaks to the environment in which CEDAC and the CDC movement grew, highlighting the vision and influence of Mel King. Read Now

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Blanchard School housing project receives final financing
Worcester Telegram / Dec 01, 2017
The Virginia A. Blanchard School has been vacant for 15 years, but after the last piece of financing fell into place Friday, it should see new occupants - renters in affordable apartments - by early 2019. The final fu...