Board + Staff

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Name Title
Jennifer Maddox
Board Chair
Undersecretary, Department of Housing and Community Development
Emily Cooper
Chief Housing Officer, Executive Office of Elder Affairs
Peter F. Daly
Executive Director, Homeowner's Rehab, Inc.
Richard C. Muraida
Vice Chair
Senior Vice President/Regional Manager, Commercial Banking Division, Rockland Trust
Carmen Panacopoulos
Senior Business Strategy Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Sharon Scott-Chandler
Corporate Secretary
COO & Executive Vice President, ABCD
Mark Teden
Vice President of Multifamily Programs, MassHousing
Margaret Wagner
Vice President, First Atlantic Capital, LLC.
Clark L. Ziegler
Executive Director, Massachusetts Housing Partnership
Name Title Extension Email
Roger Herzog
Executive Directorx133Email Roger Herzog
Bill Brauner
Director of Housing Preservation & Policyx115Email Bill Brauner
Pearl Chan
Operations Associatex100Email Pearl Chan
Rolando Del Villar
Accounting Associatex102Email Rolando Del Villar
Susan Gillam
Home Modification Loan Program Project Managerx109Email Susan Gillam
Cheyenne Griffin
Program Assistant - Children’s Investment Fundx151Email Cheyenne Griffin
Bree Horwitz
Senior Project Manager - Children's Investment Fundx150Email Bree Horwitz
Theresa Jordan
Director - Children's Investment Fundx107Email Theresa Jordan
Grace Li
Accountantx162Email Grace Li
Cassie Mann
Affordable Housing Project Managerx130Email Cassie Mann
Sarah E. McKeever
Director of Supportive Housingx137Email Sarah E. McKeever
Will Morgan
Senior Project Manager for Supportive Housingx106Email Will Morgan
Madeline Nash
Senior Project Managerx111Email Madeline Nash
Jaclyn Pacejo
Lending Operations Managerx112Email Jaclyn Pacejo
Veronica Pelletier
Portfolio Associatex108Email Veronica Pelletier
Thu Phan
Accountantx118Email Thu Phan
Drusilla Pratt-Otto
Associate Director of Financex117Email Drusilla Pratt-Otto
Dilia L. Ramirez
Associate Director of IT & Operationsx101Email Dilia L. Ramirez
Lionel G. Romain
Director of Housing for Central and Western Massachusettsx105Email Lionel G. Romain
Debbie Schnitzer
Director of Finance & Operationsx114Email Debbie Schnitzer
Alicia Toney
Senior Project Manager - Children's Investment Fundx103Email Alicia Toney
Daniel Vo
Accounting Managerx136Email Daniel Vo
Bryn Weiler
Operations & Lending Assistantx126Email Bryn Weiler
Stephan Weynicz
Data and Portfolio Analystx160Email Stephan Weynicz
Kira Wilke
Associate Director of Development - Children’s Investment Fundx140Email Kira Wilke
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