Rolando Del Villar

Accounting Associate

Rolando del Villar joined CEDAC in April 2018. As the Accountant Associate, he works closely with CEDAC’s housing department and its borrowers processing deferred payment loan (HIF, FCF, CBH, HPSTF, AAHG, ARPA funds) and EEOST requisitions. In addition to his responsibilities, he is in charge of the employee payroll, benefits, billing, and everyday accounting tasks.


Prior to becoming an Accounting Associate, Rolando worked as an Operations and Lending Assistant at CEDAC for 4 years, and Program Coordinator at the Center for Social Policy at UMB for 2 years. While at CSP, Rolando worked closely with CEDAC running the Commonwealth Workforce Coalition (CWC) Annual Conferences.


Rolando received a bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Change, College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB), MA. Notably, Rolando was part of the Mayor’s Symposium: Housing for a Changing City honors course at UMB coming up with innovative ideas to battle homelessness and gentrification in Boston.