Borrower Testimonials

Studio Apartment Conversion, Fitchburg

HMLP helped the DeRosa/Silva Family to modify their home to create a studio apartment with an accessible bathroom and entrance for their daughter Valeria, who has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility.

Bathroom Adaptation, Sandwich

The Dykeman family took out a HMLP loan for their son, John with Muscular Dystrophy, to better access his familiar surroundings. The modifications included reconfiguration of their downstairs space for better wheelchair accessibility. The family also transformed John’s living area to help meet his future needs and create a more independent space, with an accessible bathroom with a curbless shower, along with laminate flooring for ease of clean-up and additional storage and space for other medical equipment.

Accessible Entrance, Southampton

Ruth and Leonard Perrault learned about HMLP from the staff at the rehabilitation facility where Ruth was recovering from a recent amputation surgery. HMLP allowed them to completely remodel the existing bathroom and entrance to their home so it is wheelchair accessible. They describe the impact of these modifications as allowing Ruth to “feel less dependent on others” and has “significantly improved her spirits and outlook on life since the operation”.

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