Spring 2017 Newsletter

Staff Spotlight: Meet Jaclyn Pacejo, Program Associate

CEDAC’s staff is essential to making the Commonwealth’s community development system work.  Over the next several newsletters, we will bring you profiles of the professionals who work for CEDAC to help you better interact with us. We start with Jaclyn Pacejo, Program Associate for CEDAC, who has been with us since 2015.

Q: You’re the Program Associate at CEDAC. Tell us more about your role.
As the Program Associate, I am involved with a variety of projects and tasks related to predevelopment loans and grants.  My main tasks include assisting with the closing of predevelopment loan commitments and maintaining complete loan files for CEDAC’s portfolio of predevelopment, acquisition, and bridge loans.

Here’s some scenarios where you might interact with me:
–  If you are approved for an acquisition loan, in concert with Project Managers, I facilitate the intake of due diligence items for all in-house acquisition loan closings
– If the maturity date for an acquisition loan is extended, I prepare the extension paperwork
– If you repay a predevelopment loan, I prepare the loan discharge paperwork
– If you are awarded a grant through the Boston Tenant Organizing Program (BTOP), I prepare the grant agreement
– If you have questions regarding loan documents and forms, you might call me for clarification

Q: What kind of projects do you like working on?
I like to work on projects that can make a measurable difference, whether in efficiency or ease of use.  For example, right now I’m involved with an effort to make it easier for borrowers to return loan documents, certifications, and requisitions.  In predevelopment loan documents being issued now, special language is included which will allow CEDAC to accept these documents in electronic format, including email and facsimile. Borrowers – if you have a predevelopment loan with CEDAC and you’re not sure whether it is “electronic delivery” eligible, or if you want to amend your existing loan documents to allow for electronic transmission of requisitions and certifications, call me at 617-727-5944, ext 112 or send an email to jpacejo@cedac.org and I’d be happy to help you out.

Q: You spent some time at the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission. What was that experience like?
Following the completion of two Master’s Degrees through Clark University, I served as a Community Planner at the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission from 2013 to 2015.  I worked with Berkshire communities on issues relating to housing, land use, community/economic development, and transportation.  Every day was different, as my job tasks varied frequently.  On any given day, I might be meeting with homeowners to discuss a housing rehabilitation program, attending a Planning Board meeting to discuss smart growth, or conducting research regarding suitable rail station locations along the Housatonic Railroad corridor.  The best part about my job was interacting with local residents and municipal staff/officials.