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Loan Products

Initial Feasibility Assessment Loans

CIF lends funding to non-profit providers to cover start –up expenses such as, site control costs, performing environmental, architectural/engineering studies and project feasibility assessment.

  • Typical loans range from $5,000 – $15,000
Planning & Predevelopment Loans

Planning a successful capital project requires experience and expertise. Predevelopment loans pay for architects, engineers and other consultants to help plan your project. CIF offers:

  • Deferred interest until project proceeds
  • Flexible terms if the project does not proceed
  • Typical loans range from $20,000 to $300,000

Whether you plan to borrow or fundraise to complete your project, you need a well-developed and credible plan. Call us early in the planning process if you have a project in mind and we can help you move it forward.

Acquisition Loans

CIF understands the constraints facing non-profit providers. We have experience working with programs planning to expand, renovate, or build a new center. If you are purchasing a site, let us help you find the resources to make it possible.

  • Financing to purchase land or a building
  • Financing options based on your needs & resources 
  • Loans from $50,000 and up

Purchasing land or a building is a major step for a non-profit organization. The Fund will work with you to determine what is feasible and affordable. We can help evaluate the site, determine a fair price, and help assemble the financing.

Construction and Renovation Loans

CIF provides flexible financing to build, renovate, and equip your facility. Loans are available for both interior and exterior work, including energy-efficient upgrades and improvements to outdoor play space.

  • Financing to support relocation
  • Financing to improve space owned or leased by the center
  • Flexible loan term and interest rates
  • Loans from $25,000 and up

We will work with you to ensure that your project is completed successfully.

Application Process

Please contact Theresa Jordan at 617-727-5944, ext 107 or to discuss your project. Check with her to review the project and plan prior to submitting an application.

Borrower Resources
Invoicing Instructions:

Children’s Investment Fund processes payments every two weeks.

Every payment request must include the following:

  1. An invoice certification form with an original signature (not a fax, PDF, or copy)
  2. A cover letter on letterhead requesting payment with an original signature (not a fax, PDF, or copy)
  3. Copies of all invoices submitted including the dates and description of work completed or items purchased, and the cost. We cannot process invoices with a purchase order as the only documentation.

For construction projects, an architect’s certification that work is on schedule can be used as supporting documentation to draw down funds. For large projects, the architect’s certification must be provided on the standard AIA form. For small projects, the Fund will accept a certification statement on the architect’s letterhead.

Reporting Requirements:

Grantees & Borrowers are expected to comply with reporting requests from CIF.

  1. Annual progress report – We will send the progress report form in late fall.
  2. Borrowers will also receive an additional request for information as part of our annual portfolio review in February.