Logos and Brand Standards

Because of the nature of our work, CEDAC and Children’s Investment Fund receive requests for the use of our logos for events such as groundbreakings and grand openings.  Here you may find a number of different color versions and file types that fit the needs of your request. Please read CEDAC’s Brand Standards before using the CEDAC logo or any affiliated logos. Remember that the logos must never be altered or distorted.


  • Use CEDAC’s logos on your event banner, sign, program, etc. to communicate the partnership we have with your organization and funding commitment that has been made to your project.
  • Follow all guidelines in CEDAC’s Brand Standards.

Do not…

  • Use the logos in any way that does not comply with CEDAC’s Brand Standards
  • Use the logos to imply a relationship with or promotion by CEDAC when there is none.

If you have any questions regarding which logo is best for your needs or how to comply with the guidelines mapped out in the Brand Standards, please contact us at info@cedac.org.


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