Fall 2016 Newsletter

From the Desk of the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

In this newsletter, we highlight recent successes and transitions for CEDAC and our affiliates, Children’s Investment Fund and Commonwealth Workforce Coalition.  As we note in the article on supportive housing, Massachusetts has a lot of good news to share when it comes to producing supportive housing units.  Through a state interagency effort, we created more than 1,750 in just three years and because of new state and federal resources, we will be able to produce even more.

Children’s Investment Fund celebrated its long time, former program manager, Mav Pardee, and the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) this past month by giving CHAPA, who advocated on behalf of the Early Education and Out of School Time (EEOST) Capital Fund, an award in Mav’s name.  The Mav Pardee Award for Building Quality recognizes organizations or individuals working to address the need for physical environments that support high quality early education.  You can read more about that award in this newsletter.

Finally, CEDAC was pleased to announce earlier in the Fall that we are partnering with the University of Massachusetts Boston McCormack Graduate School Center for Social Policy (CSP) to manage the Commonwealth Workforce Coalition (CWC).  CEDAC has successfully managed the workforce development program since 2000 and earlier this year, we reached an agreement with CSP to transfer CWC after a one year transition period.  We are looking forward to working with CSP to hold the 2017 Sharing Skills~Building Connections conference this coming May.

This newsletter includes even more exciting news about CEDAC, our new website and our new location.  As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback on our work.

It is a season for giving thanks, and CEDAC is grateful for its productive and meaningful relationships with the the non-profit community development sector in Massachusetts.



Roger Herzog
Executive Director