Application Forms + Guidelines

Please contact one of the staff identified below prior to applying for CEDAC funds. Please note that pre-development and acquisition loan applications are due to CEDAC at least three weeks prior to board meetings. A list of upcoming CEDAC board meetings is available on the Board and Staff page.

Sara Barcan

Predevelopment and Acquisition Loans, Line of Credit, and Bridge Loans

Housing Innovations Fund, Facilities Consolidation Fund, and Community Based Housing

Kuehn Planning Grants

Vacant Site Acquisition Fund

Bill Brauner

Housing Preservation and Policy

Predevelopment, Line of Credit & Acquisition Loans
Document Title Download
Guidelines for CEDAC Development Assistance Programs
Terms and Conditions CEDAC Development Assistance Loans
Terms and Conditions CEDAC/Home Funders Predevelopment Loan
Terms and Conditions Line of Credit
Terms and Conditions CEDAC Acquisition Loan Program
Terms and Conditions CEDAC/Home Funders Acquisition Loan Program
Application for Initial Feasibility Assistance (IFA)
Application for Development Assistance-Predevelopment, Line of Credit and Acquisition
Pre-development Loan Increase Request
Pre-development Invoicing Instructions
Pre-development Loan Requisition Certification Form
Pre-development Loan Requisition - Itemized Invoice List
Pre-development Requisition ACH Form
Boston Tenant Organizing Program (BTOP) - FY19 NOFA
Boston Tenant Organization Program (BTOP) - FY19 Application
Kuehn Planning Grant Eligibility Criteria
Application for Kuehn Planning Grant
Kuehn Planning Grant Requisition Certification Form
Vacant Site Acquisition Fund Overview

For questions about any of the forms above, please contact Jaclyn Pacejo, Program Associate, at (617) 727-5944.

Housing Innovations Fund (HIF), Facilities Consolidation Fund (FCF) and Community Based Housing (CBH)

Most projects seeking these funds must apply through competitive rounds announced by DHCD ( Projects seeking FCF or CBH funding must receive certification from Department of Mental Health (DMH) or Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for FCF funds, or the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) for CBH funds and must submit a copy of the project’s full DHCD Preliminary Application with CBH or FCF addendum to CEDAC and to the relevant EOHHS agency. Group homes seeking FCF funds with no other resources from the Commonwealth may submit pre-applications to CEDAC and DDS or DMH on a rolling basis.

Document Title Download
Housing Innovations Fund (HIF)
Terms and Conditions HIF Guidelines
Facilities Consolidation Fund (FCF)
FCF Guidelines
DDS Program Design and Cost Guide
FCF Introduction
FCF Group Home Tip Sheet *Read First*
FCF Duplex Policy
FCF Preliminary Application
Community Based Housing (CBH)
CBH Guidelines
CBH Frequently Asked Questions
CBH Tenant Selection Plan
Achieving Access Part I: Developers’ Design Overview
Achieving Access Part II: State and Federal Codes
HIF/FCF/CBH Compliance Documents
HIF/FCF/CBH Loan Compliance: Required Documentation
HIF/FCF/CBH Requisition Package Checklist
Cash Flow Template
HIF/FCF/CBH Compliance Affidavit
CEDAC Subordination and Refinancing Approval Criteria
MassDocs Requisition Certificate
Final Certification of Sources & Uses

For questions about HIF, FCF, CBH and HPSTF compliance materials and requirements (audits, cash flow statements, insurance certificates and affidavits) please contact Erin Abberton, Portfolio Assistant, at (617) 727-5944.