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Happy Birthday, INSITES!

It’s hard to believe but CEDAC’s blog, INSITES, turns one year old this week.  We’ve been astounded by the positive response we’ve received from so many who are regular readers of the blog.  So thank you all for supporting us! First, we wanted to share where the name INSITES came from.  More than a year ago, when we were in the process of developing the blog,...

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An In-depth Look Into Extremely Low Income Renters in America’s Central Cities

In today’s blog post, we share a paper written by Bill Brauner, Director of Housing Preservation & Policy at CEDAC, that takes an in-depth look into extremely low income renters in America’s central cities.  The paper explores the importance of affordable housing production and preservation policies and highlights the success of a few cities, led by Boston. CED...

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Strengthening Communities Through the Kuehn Planning Grants

In 2016, CEDAC was awarded $180,000 of funding by the Kuehn Charitable Foundation (KCF) to establish a new planning grant program to help the non-profit community development sector across Massachusetts. Last year, KCF committed a second grant to CEDAC in the same amount. Named for the foundation’s creator Robert H. Kuehn, Jr., the Kuehn Planning Grants help non-profit o...

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